XM1014 | Frost Borre

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$54.24Mil-Spec GradeXM1014 | Frost BorreXM1014Frost Borre$34.07Industrial GradeSouvenir XM1014 | CaliCamoSouvenir XM1014CaliCamo$32.95RestrictedXM1014 | Ancient LoreXM1014Ancient Lore$24.80Industrial GradeSouvenir XM1014 | Blue SteelSouvenir XM1014Blue Steel$21.22Mil-Spec GradeXM1014 | Red LeatherXM1014Red Leather$13.89Industrial GradeXM1014 | Banana LeafXM1014Banana Leaf$10.09Mil-Spec GradeXM1014 | Blaze OrangeXM1014Blaze Orange$9.78Consumer GradeSouvenir XM1014 | Blue SpruceSouvenir XM1014Blue Spruce$9.70RestrictedXM1014 | Elegant VinesXM1014Elegant Vines$8.71Mil-Spec GradeXM1014 | VariCamo BlueXM1014VariCamo Blue$7.06Industrial GradeXM1014 | Fallout WarningXM1014Fallout Warning$4.86$9.96RestrictedXM1014 | Heaven GuardXM1014Heaven Guard$4.69$11.74ClassifiedXM1014 | TranquilityXM1014Tranquility$4.55Mil-Spec GradeXM1014 | Bone MachineXM1014Bone Machine$3.89Mil-Spec GradeSouvenir XM1014 | Bone MachineSouvenir XM1014Bone Machine$3.07Industrial GradeSouvenir XM1014 | Fallout WarningSouvenir XM1014Fallout Warning$2.11Consumer GradeXM1014 | JungleXM1014Jungle$1.75Consumer GradeXM1014 | GrasslandXM1014Grassland$1.68$2.76ClassifiedXM1014 | EntombedXM1014Entombed$1.47Consumer GradeXM1014 | Urban PerforatedXM1014Urban Perforated$1.43$1.43Mil-Spec GradeXM1014 | Red PythonXM1014Red Python$0.96$1.71RestrictedXM1014 | SeasonsXM1014Seasons$0.87$2.20ClassifiedXM1014 | IncinegatorXM1014Incinegator$0.85$1.77ClassifiedXM1014 | XOXOXM1014XOXO$0.70RestrictedSouvenir XM1014 | Ancient LoreSouvenir XM1014Ancient Lore$0.62Consumer GradeXM1014 | CharterXM1014Charter$0.55Consumer GradeXM1014 | Blue TireXM1014Blue Tire$0.52$0.82Mil-Spec GradeXM1014 | WatchdogXM1014Watchdog$0.48$1.36RestrictedXM1014 | Teclu BurnerXM1014Teclu Burner$0.31RestrictedSouvenir XM1014 | Elegant VinesSouvenir XM1014Elegant Vines$0.29Mil-Spec GradeSouvenir XM1014 | VariCamo BlueSouvenir XM1014VariCamo Blue$0.19$0.50RestrictedXM1014 | Black TieXM1014Black Tie$0.19$0.51RestrictedXM1014 | ZiggyXM1014Ziggy$0.15$0.27RestrictedXM1014 | Zombie OffensiveXM1014Zombie Offensive$0.14$0.28Mil-Spec GradeXM1014 | QuicksilverXM1014Quicksilver$0.08$0.19Mil-Spec GradeXM1014 | ScumbriaXM1014Scumbria$0.05$0.17Mil-Spec GradeXM1014 | SlipstreamXM1014Slipstream$0.03Consumer GradeSouvenir XM1014 | Urban PerforatedSouvenir XM1014Urban Perforated$0.03$0.07Mil-Spec GradeXM1014 | Oxide BlazeXM1014Oxide Blaze$0.02Consumer GradeSouvenir XM1014 | Blue TireSouvenir XM1014Blue Tire$0.02Consumer GradeXM1014 | Blue SpruceXM1014Blue Spruce$0.02Industrial GradeXM1014 | Blue SteelXM1014Blue Steel$0.02Industrial GradeXM1014 | CaliCamoXM1014CaliCamo$0.02Consumer GradeXM1014 | HieroglyphXM1014Hieroglyph

Get ready to blast away the opposition with the XM1014 shotgun, the ultimate weapon for close-quarter combat in Counter-Strike 2. Boasting high fire rate and devastating power, this gun is perfect for clearing out tight spaces and dealing with multiple enemies at once. With its sleek black and silver design, the XM1014 is a stylish addition to your arsenal, whether you prefer to play as a terrorist or counter-terrorist. Don't miss out on the chance to dominate the game with the XM1014 shotgun from CS2 Gold!

You can find the best deals for XM1014 skins on CS2 Gold. There are total 44 skins for XM1014 from which to choose from. The cheapest skin for XM1014 is undefined at a discounted price of 54.24 USD. The most expensive skin is undefined which on sale for 54.24 USD.

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