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$517RestrictedDesert Eagle | BlazeDesert EagleBlaze$385RestrictedDesert Eagle | Hand CannonDesert EagleHand Cannon$271RestrictedDesert Eagle | Emerald JörmungandrDesert EagleEmerald Jörmungandr$240RestrictedDesert Eagle | Sunset Storm 弐Desert EagleSunset Storm 弐$229RestrictedDesert Eagle | Sunset Storm 壱Desert EagleSunset Storm 壱$203RestrictedSouvenir Desert Eagle | Hand CannonSouvenir Desert EagleHand Cannon$155ClassifiedDesert Eagle | Fennec FoxDesert EagleFennec Fox$131ClassifiedSouvenir Desert Eagle | Fennec FoxSouvenir Desert EagleFennec Fox$86.18$168CovertDesert Eagle | Golden KoiDesert EagleGolden Koi$78.23$129ClassifiedDesert Eagle | HypnoticDesert EagleHypnotic$62.00$88.78ClassifiedDesert Eagle | Cobalt DisruptionDesert EagleCobalt Disruption$53.48RestrictedDesert Eagle | PilotDesert EaglePilot$49.26Industrial GradeSouvenir Desert Eagle | MudderSouvenir Desert EagleMudder$21.20$45.30CovertDesert Eagle | PrintstreamDesert EaglePrintstream$18.77Industrial GradeDesert Eagle | Midnight StormDesert EagleMidnight Storm$12.22$28.52CovertDesert Eagle | Code RedDesert EagleCode Red$10.37$30.41CovertDesert Eagle | Ocean DriveDesert EagleOcean Drive$10.37$25.59ClassifiedDesert Eagle | Kumicho DragonDesert EagleKumicho Dragon$8.18Mil-Spec GradeDesert Eagle | Night HeistDesert EagleNight Heist$5.78$11.64RestrictedDesert Eagle | Crimson WebDesert EagleCrimson Web$5.68Mil-Spec GradeSouvenir Desert Eagle | Urban RubbleSouvenir Desert EagleUrban Rubble$5.00Industrial GradeDesert Eagle | NightDesert EagleNight$4.56$13.02ClassifiedDesert Eagle | ConspiracyDesert EagleConspiracy$4.51Industrial GradeDesert Eagle | The BronzeDesert EagleThe Bronze$4.14$9.04RestrictedDesert Eagle | HeirloomDesert EagleHeirloom$3.09$7.17ClassifiedDesert Eagle | Mecha IndustriesDesert EagleMecha Industries$0.99Industrial GradeDesert Eagle | Urban DDPATDesert EagleUrban DDPAT$0.87$2.54RestrictedDesert Eagle | NagaDesert EagleNaga$0.49Mil-Spec GradeDesert Eagle | SputnikDesert EagleSputnik$0.48Mil-Spec GradeDesert Eagle | MeteoriteDesert EagleMeteorite$0.46Industrial GradeSouvenir Desert Eagle | Urban DDPATSouvenir Desert EagleUrban DDPAT$0.39$2.26RestrictedDesert Eagle | Light RailDesert EagleLight Rail$0.25$0.96RestrictedDesert Eagle | DirectiveDesert EagleDirective$0.21$1.31Mil-Spec GradeDesert Eagle | CorinthianDesert EagleCorinthian$0.19$0.93RestrictedDesert Eagle | Trigger DisciplineDesert EagleTrigger Discipline$0.16$0.48Mil-Spec GradeDesert Eagle | Oxide BlazeDesert EagleOxide Blaze$0.13Mil-Spec GradeDesert Eagle | Urban RubbleDesert EagleUrban Rubble$0.09$0.40Mil-Spec GradeDesert Eagle | Blue PlyDesert EagleBlue Ply$0.09$0.43Mil-Spec GradeDesert Eagle | Bronze DecoDesert EagleBronze Deco$0.02Industrial GradeDesert Eagle | MudderDesert EagleMudder

The Desert Eagle is the ultimate sidearm in Counter-Strike. Sleek and powerful, this beastly handgun boasts incredible stopping power and accuracy at long range. With its intimidating appearance and devastating firepower, the Desert Eagle is the weapon of choice for players who want to make a statement on the battlefield. So whether you're defending a bomb site or taking down enemies in close quarters combat, the Desert Eagle is the perfect tool for the job.

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