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$1,435RestrictedSouvenir Dual Berettas | Cobalt QuartzSouvenir Dual BerettasCobalt Quartz$108RestrictedDual Berettas | DuelistDual BerettasDuelist$76.00Industrial GradeSouvenir Dual Berettas | StainedSouvenir Dual BerettasStained$31.90$56.18ClassifiedDual Berettas | Cobra StrikeDual BerettasCobra Strike$26.04Mil-Spec GradeDual Berettas | EmeraldDual BerettasEmerald$21.25Industrial GradeDual Berettas | PyreDual BerettasPyre$10.69ClassifiedSouvenir Dual Berettas | Twin TurboSouvenir Dual BerettasTwin Turbo$9.85Mil-Spec GradeSouvenir Dual Berettas | Anodized NavySouvenir Dual BerettasAnodized Navy$8.68Consumer GradeSouvenir Dual Berettas | ContractorSouvenir Dual BerettasContractor$8.65RestrictedSouvenir Dual Berettas | DemolitionSouvenir Dual BerettasDemolition$7.44$16.27RestrictedDual Berettas | HemoglobinDual BerettasHemoglobin$6.78RestrictedDual Berettas | DemolitionDual BerettasDemolition$4.59$5.05Mil-Spec GradeDual Berettas | Black LimbaDual BerettasBlack Limba$4.05Consumer GradeDual Berettas | Moon in LibraDual BerettasMoon in Libra$3.71$7.61RestrictedDual Berettas | MarinaDual BerettasMarina$3.39$1.51Mil-Spec GradeDual Berettas | RetributionDual BerettasRetribution$2.10Mil-Spec GradeDual Berettas | Anodized NavyDual BerettasAnodized Navy$2.00Industrial GradeDual Berettas | Switch BoardDual BerettasSwitch Board$1.98Consumer GradeDual Berettas | BriarDual BerettasBriar$1.94$2.73RestrictedDual Berettas | DezastreDual BerettasDezastre$1.91Industrial GradeDual Berettas | Drift WoodDual BerettasDrift Wood$1.11Consumer GradeSouvenir Dual Berettas | BriarSouvenir Dual BerettasBriar$0.98$2.73RestrictedDual Berettas | Urban ShockDual BerettasUrban Shock$0.86ClassifiedDual Berettas | Twin TurboDual BerettasTwin Turbo$0.86$2.75Mil-Spec GradeDual Berettas | PantherDual BerettasPanther$0.77$1.36ClassifiedDual Berettas | MelondramaDual BerettasMelondrama$0.42$0.59Mil-Spec GradeDual Berettas | BalanceDual BerettasBalance$0.40$0.43Mil-Spec GradeDual Berettas | CartelDual BerettasCartel$0.38Consumer GradeDual Berettas | Oil ChangeDual BerettasOil Change$0.28$0.54RestrictedDual Berettas | Flora CarnivoraDual BerettasFlora Carnivora$0.27Consumer GradeSouvenir Dual Berettas | ColonySouvenir Dual BerettasColony$0.22$0.45Mil-Spec GradeDual Berettas | TreadDual BerettasTread$0.22$0.56RestrictedDual Berettas | Royal ConsortsDual BerettasRoyal Consorts$0.16Consumer GradeDual Berettas | HeistDual BerettasHeist$0.10$0.27Mil-Spec GradeDual Berettas | Dualing DragonsDual BerettasDualing Dragons$0.10$0.18Mil-Spec GradeDual Berettas | ShredDual BerettasShred$0.07$0.12Mil-Spec GradeDual Berettas | Elite 1.6Dual BerettasElite 1.6$0.06RestrictedDual Berettas | Cobalt QuartzDual BerettasCobalt Quartz$0.04$0.14Mil-Spec GradeDual Berettas | VentilatorsDual BerettasVentilators$0.02Consumer GradeDual Berettas | ColonyDual BerettasColony$0.02Consumer GradeDual Berettas | ContractorDual BerettasContractor$0.02Industrial GradeDual Berettas | StainedDual BerettasStained$0.02Industrial GradeSouvenir Dual Berettas | Drift WoodSouvenir Dual BerettasDrift Wood$0.02Consumer GradeSouvenir Dual Berettas | Oil ChangeSouvenir Dual BerettasOil Change

Step up your game with the Dual Berettas and show off your style with its unique design. This powerful pair of pistols is perfect for close-range combat, allowing you to take down enemies with two critical shots. With their fast firing rate and impressive accuracy, the Dual Berettas are a force to be reckoned with. Feeling lucky? Try your hand at a dual-wielding playstyle and dominate the battlefield.

You can find the best deals for Dual Berettas skins on CS2 Gold. There are total 44 skins for Dual Berettas from which to choose from. The cheapest skin for Dual Berettas is undefined at a discounted price of 1435.01 USD. The most expensive skin is undefined which on sale for 1435.01 USD.

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