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$3,182$6,180ContrabandM4A4 | HowlM4A4Howl$887ClassifiedM4A4 | PoseidonM4A4Poseidon$203RestrictedM4A4 | DaybreakM4A4Daybreak$140CovertM4A4 | Eye of HorusM4A4Eye of Horus$49.36$135CovertM4A4 | AsiimovM4A4Asiimov$30.04$58.22ClassifiedM4A4 | HellfireM4A4Hellfire$26.81Mil-Spec GradeSouvenir M4A4 | Radiation HazardSouvenir M4A4Radiation Hazard$26.14RestrictedM4A4 | Modern HunterM4A4Modern Hunter$23.29$36.99RestrictedM4A4 | ZirkaM4A4Zirka$19.46Mil-Spec GradeM4A4 | Radiation HazardM4A4Radiation Hazard$14.01Industrial GradeM4A4 | Dark BlossomM4A4Dark Blossom$13.63Industrial GradeM4A4 | Desert StormM4A4Desert Storm$13.07Mil-Spec GradeM4A4 | Global OffensiveM4A4Global Offensive$11.93$16.88ClassifiedM4A4 | Cyber SecurityM4A4Cyber Security$10.68$31.82CovertM4A4 | Bullet RainM4A4Bullet Rain$8.57CovertM4A4 | The CoalitionM4A4The Coalition$8.18RestrictedM4A4 | Red DDPATM4A4Red DDPAT$6.28$23.27CovertM4A4 | The EmperorM4A4The Emperor$5.96$18.87CovertM4A4 | TemukauM4A4Temukau$5.95$36.13CovertM4A4 | X-RayM4A4X-Ray$5.58$12.80ClassifiedM4A4 | 龍王M4A4龍王$5.29$17.50CovertM4A4 | Buzz KillM4A4Buzz Kill$4.37RestrictedSouvenir M4A4 | Red DDPATSouvenir M4A4Red DDPAT$4.06$21.25CovertM4A4 | Royal PaladinM4A4Royal Paladin$3.90Industrial GradeSouvenir M4A4 | Urban DDPATSouvenir M4A4Urban DDPAT$3.86Industrial GradeM4A4 | Jungle TigerM4A4Jungle Tiger$3.60$10.63CovertM4A4 | In Living ColorM4A4In Living Color$3.45Industrial GradeSouvenir M4A4 | TornadoSouvenir M4A4Tornado$3.33$11.00ClassifiedM4A4 | Desolate SpaceM4A4Desolate Space$3.07$10.34CovertM4A4 | Desert-StrikeM4A4Desert-Strike$2.16Industrial GradeM4A4 | TornadoM4A4Tornado$1.97$3.72ClassifiedM4A4 | Tooth FairyM4A4Tooth Fairy$1.75$3.94RestrictedM4A4 | Spider LilyM4A4Spider Lily$1.66$2.65Mil-Spec GradeM4A4 | Faded ZebraM4A4Faded Zebra$1.63Mil-Spec GradeSouvenir M4A4 | ConverterSouvenir M4A4Converter$1.45$4.05RestrictedM4A4 | GriffinM4A4Griffin$1.37$3.82RestrictedM4A4 | Evil DaimyoM4A4Evil Daimyo$0.56$9.15CovertM4A4 | Neo-NoirM4A4Neo-Noir$0.50Industrial GradeSouvenir M4A4 | MainframeSouvenir M4A4Mainframe$0.49Mil-Spec GradeM4A4 | ConverterM4A4Converter$0.06$0.18Mil-Spec GradeM4A4 | MagnesiumM4A4Magnesium$0.06Industrial GradeM4A4 | Urban DDPATM4A4Urban DDPAT$0.02Industrial GradeM4A4 | MainframeM4A4Mainframe$0.02$0.09Mil-Spec GradeM4A4 | Poly MagM4A4Poly Mag$0.02$11.65CovertM4A4 | The BattlestarM4A4The Battlestar

The M4A4 is the go-to assault rifle for those who prefer a balance of accuracy and power in their shooting games. Equipped with a 30-round magazine, this gun allows for sustained fire in intense gameplay. Its sleek design and customizable appearance make it a favorite among Counter-Strike 2 players looking to show off their style. With its deadly accuracy and versatility, the M4A4 is a force to be reckoned with on the virtual battlefield.

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