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$18.60Industrial GradeSouvenir PP-Bizon | Night OpsSouvenir PP-BizonNight Ops$14.14Mil-Spec GradePP-Bizon | Modern HunterPP-BizonModern Hunter$8.62Consumer GradeSouvenir PP-Bizon | Sand DashedSouvenir PP-BizonSand Dashed$7.82Mil-Spec GradePP-Bizon | Rust CoatPP-BizonRust Coat$6.70$9.59RestrictedPP-Bizon | AntiquePP-BizonAntique$5.46Industrial GradePP-Bizon | Carbon FiberPP-BizonCarbon Fiber$5.16Mil-Spec GradeSouvenir PP-Bizon | BrassSouvenir PP-BizonBrass$3.33Consumer GradePP-Bizon | SeabirdPP-BizonSeabird$2.78$9.08CovertPP-Bizon | Judgement of AnubisPP-BizonJudgement of Anubis$2.05Industrial GradePP-Bizon | Breaker BoxPP-BizonBreaker Box$1.92Consumer GradePP-Bizon | Bamboo PrintPP-BizonBamboo Print$1.59Industrial GradePP-Bizon | Chemical GreenPP-BizonChemical Green$1.58$3.11ClassifiedPP-Bizon | High RollerPP-BizonHigh Roller$1.34$2.55Mil-Spec GradePP-Bizon | Water SigilPP-BizonWater Sigil$1.20$2.59RestrictedPP-Bizon | Blue StreakPP-BizonBlue Streak$1.18Consumer GradePP-Bizon | Forest LeavesPP-BizonForest Leaves$0.95Consumer GradePP-Bizon | Irradiated AlertPP-BizonIrradiated Alert$0.91Industrial GradeSouvenir PP-Bizon | Chemical GreenSouvenir PP-BizonChemical Green$0.80$1.58RestrictedPP-Bizon | EmbargoPP-BizonEmbargo$0.57$1.06Mil-Spec GradePP-Bizon | Cobalt HalftonePP-BizonCobalt Halftone$0.53Industrial GradeSouvenir PP-Bizon | Candy AppleSouvenir PP-BizonCandy Apple$0.40$1.08RestrictedPP-Bizon | OsirisPP-BizonOsiris$0.38$1.07RestrictedPP-Bizon | Fuel RodPP-BizonFuel Rod$0.37Industrial GradeSouvenir PP-Bizon | Carbon FiberSouvenir PP-BizonCarbon Fiber$0.37Consumer GradeSouvenir PP-Bizon | Irradiated AlertSouvenir PP-BizonIrradiated Alert$0.33$0.32Mil-Spec GradePP-Bizon | Photic ZonePP-BizonPhotic Zone$0.32$0.50Mil-Spec GradePP-Bizon | LumenPP-BizonLumen$0.26Mil-Spec GradePP-Bizon | BrassPP-BizonBrass$0.24Consumer GradePP-Bizon | AnolisPP-BizonAnolis$0.17Consumer GradeSouvenir PP-Bizon | Urban DashedSouvenir PP-BizonUrban Dashed$0.17Consumer GradePP-Bizon | Death RattlePP-BizonDeath Rattle$0.15$0.25RestrictedPP-Bizon | Space CatPP-BizonSpace Cat$0.08$0.20Mil-Spec GradePP-Bizon | Jungle SlipstreamPP-BizonJungle Slipstream$0.07$0.12Mil-Spec GradePP-Bizon | HarvesterPP-BizonHarvester$0.04Industrial GradePP-Bizon | Candy ApplePP-BizonCandy Apple$0.04Industrial GradeSouvenir PP-Bizon | Breaker BoxSouvenir PP-BizonBreaker Box$0.04Consumer GradeSouvenir PP-Bizon | Facility SketchSouvenir PP-BizonFacility Sketch$0.03Industrial GradePP-Bizon | Night OpsPP-BizonNight Ops$0.03$0.06Mil-Spec GradePP-Bizon | Night RiotPP-BizonNight Riot$0.03$0.05Mil-Spec GradePP-Bizon | RunicPP-BizonRunic$0.02Consumer GradePP-Bizon | Facility SketchPP-BizonFacility Sketch$0.02Consumer GradePP-Bizon | Sand DashedPP-BizonSand Dashed$0.02Consumer GradePP-Bizon | Urban DashedPP-BizonUrban Dashed$0.02Consumer GradeSouvenir PP-Bizon | AnolisSouvenir PP-BizonAnolis

The PP-Bizon is a small SMG that packs a powerful punch in Counter-Strike 2. Its unique 64-round magazine allows for sustained fire without reloading, making it a favorite among aggressive players. With a manageable recoil pattern and high rate of fire, the PP-Bizon can quickly take down enemies in close quarters combat. Give it a try and see why the PP-Bizon is a reliable choice for fast-paced gameplay.

You can find the best deals for PP-Bizon skins on CS2 Gold. There are total 44 skins for PP-Bizon from which to choose from. The cheapest skin for PP-Bizon is undefined at a discounted price of 18.6 USD. The most expensive skin is undefined which on sale for 18.6 USD.

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