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$121ClassifiedUSP-S | Target AcquiredUSP-STarget Acquired$63.79$117RestrictedUSP-S | Dark WaterUSP-SDark Water$63.07Mil-Spec GradeSouvenir USP-S | Night OpsSouvenir USP-SNight Ops$43.57Industrial GradeSouvenir USP-S | Forest LeavesSouvenir USP-SForest Leaves$37.88$74.69ClassifiedUSP-S | OrionUSP-SOrion$37.26RestrictedUSP-S | Orange AnolisUSP-SOrange Anolis$32.09$48.79ClassifiedUSP-S | CaimanUSP-SCaiman$30.36$81.61CovertUSP-S | Kill ConfirmedUSP-SKill Confirmed$24.98$37.35ClassifiedUSP-S | SerumUSP-SSerum$24.82Mil-Spec GradeUSP-S | Business ClassUSP-SBusiness Class$21.20Industrial GradeUSP-S | PathfinderUSP-SPathfinder$19.73RestrictedUSP-S | Ancient VisionsUSP-SAncient Visions$19.54RestrictedUSP-S | Road RashUSP-SRoad Rash$17.36$33.60RestrictedUSP-S | OvergrowthUSP-SOvergrowth$16.10ClassifiedUSP-S | WhiteoutUSP-SWhiteout$16.07$45.26CovertUSP-S | PrintstreamUSP-SPrintstream$13.30$19.46ClassifiedUSP-S | Monster MashupUSP-SMonster Mashup$11.07Industrial GradeUSP-S | Royal BlueUSP-SRoyal Blue$10.23RestrictedSouvenir USP-S | Road RashSouvenir USP-SRoad Rash$9.72$28.54CovertUSP-S | Neo-NoirUSP-SNeo-Noir$9.04Industrial GradeSouvenir USP-S | Royal BlueSouvenir USP-SRoyal Blue$8.28RestrictedSouvenir USP-S | Orange AnolisSouvenir USP-SOrange Anolis$6.58$20.91CovertUSP-S | The TraitorUSP-SThe Traitor$6.23Industrial GradeUSP-S | Para GreenUSP-SPara Green$5.75Mil-Spec GradeUSP-S | Purple DDPATUSP-SPurple DDPAT$5.67RestrictedSouvenir USP-S | Ancient VisionsSouvenir USP-SAncient Visions$2.99Mil-Spec GradeSouvenir USP-S | Check EngineSouvenir USP-SCheck Engine$2.79$7.07Mil-Spec GradeUSP-S | BlueprintUSP-SBlueprint$2.70$11.36Mil-Spec GradeUSP-S | StainlessUSP-SStainless$2.42$3.32Mil-Spec GradeUSP-S | Blood TigerUSP-SBlood Tiger$2.13$3.50RestrictedUSP-S | GuardianUSP-SGuardian$2.10Mil-Spec GradeSouvenir USP-S | Purple DDPATSouvenir USP-SPurple DDPAT$1.11$3.01ClassifiedUSP-S | CortexUSP-SCortex$0.83$2.48RestrictedUSP-S | CyrexUSP-SCyrex$0.50$1.46Mil-Spec GradeUSP-S | TorqueUSP-STorque$0.45$1.84Mil-Spec GradeUSP-S | Lead ConduitUSP-SLead Conduit$0.44$1.89Mil-Spec GradeUSP-S | Black LotusUSP-SBlack Lotus$0.35Mil-Spec GradeUSP-S | Check EngineUSP-SCheck Engine$0.33$1.40RestrictedUSP-S | FlashbackUSP-SFlashback$0.14Mil-Spec GradeUSP-S | Night OpsUSP-SNight Ops$0.12Industrial GradeUSP-S | Desert TacticalUSP-SDesert Tactical$0.02$0.97RestrictedUSP-S | Ticket to HellUSP-STicket to Hell$0.02Industrial GradeUSP-S | Forest LeavesUSP-SForest Leaves

Looking for a sleek and deadly sidearm for your next Counter-Strike match? Look no further than the USP-S pistol. With its low recoil and supreme accuracy, this weapon is perfect for taking out enemies from close range. Its sleek design and powerful punch make it the perfect choice for any player looking to up their game. So why wait? Get your hands on a USP-S today and dominate the competition!

You can find the best deals for USP-S skins on CS2 Gold. There are total 43 skins for USP-S from which to choose from. The cheapest skin for USP-S is undefined at a discounted price of 121.14 USD. The most expensive skin is undefined which on sale for 121.14 USD.

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