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$410Mil-Spec GradeAUG | Hot RodAUGHot Rod$271CovertAUG | Akihabara AcceptAUGAkihabara Accept$264RestrictedAUG | Flame JörmungandrAUGFlame Jörmungandr$181RestrictedAUG | Midnight LilyAUGMidnight Lily$86.61Mil-Spec GradeAUG | CopperheadAUGCopperhead$47.44Industrial GradeSouvenir AUG | CondemnedSouvenir AUGCondemned$28.38Mil-Spec GradeAUG | Anodized NavyAUGAnodized Navy$14.99$15.03Mil-Spec GradeAUG | WingsAUGWings$14.11Consumer GradeSouvenir AUG | ContractorSouvenir AUGContractor$13.13Consumer GradeSouvenir AUG | StormSouvenir AUGStorm$11.96Mil-Spec GradeAUG | Carved JadeAUGCarved Jade$10.66RestrictedAUG | Sand StormAUGSand Storm$4.88$9.66ClassifiedAUG | Death by PuppyAUGDeath by Puppy$4.79$7.72RestrictedAUG | TorqueAUGTorque$4.72$7.42ClassifiedAUG | Bengal TigerAUGBengal Tiger$3.73RestrictedSouvenir AUG | Random AccessSouvenir AUGRandom Access$3.44Mil-Spec GradeSouvenir AUG | Carved JadeSouvenir AUGCarved Jade$2.82Industrial GradeAUG | Spalted WoodAUGSpalted Wood$2.46Consumer GradeAUG | DaedalusAUGDaedalus$2.35RestrictedSouvenir AUG | Sand StormSouvenir AUGSand Storm$1.71$7.47CovertAUG | ChameleonAUGChameleon$1.21Industrial GradeSouvenir AUG | Radiation HazardSouvenir AUGRadiation Hazard$1.19$2.37ClassifiedAUG | Fleet FlockAUGFleet Flock$1.17$2.41ClassifiedAUG | Syd MeadAUGSyd Mead$1.08$1.87ClassifiedAUG | StymphalianAUGStymphalian$0.97$2.14ClassifiedAUG | MomentumAUGMomentum$0.87Consumer GradeAUG | Navy MuranoAUGNavy Murano$0.86$2.23RestrictedAUG | Arctic WolfAUGArctic Wolf$0.72Industrial GradeAUG | Radiation HazardAUGRadiation Hazard$0.72Mil-Spec GradeAUG | Amber FadeAUGAmber Fade$0.65RestrictedAUG | Random AccessAUGRandom Access$0.62Consumer GradeAUG | ColonyAUGColony$0.36$0.95RestrictedAUG | AristocratAUGAristocrat$0.29$0.53Mil-Spec GradeAUG | PlagueAUGPlague$0.18Consumer GradeSouvenir AUG | ColonySouvenir AUGColony$0.15$0.18Mil-Spec GradeAUG | Amber SlipstreamAUGAmber Slipstream$0.11Consumer GradeAUG | SurveillanceAUGSurveillance$0.05$0.14Mil-Spec GradeAUG | RicochetAUGRicochet$0.04$0.09Mil-Spec GradeAUG | Tom CatAUGTom Cat$0.03Industrial GradeAUG | CondemnedAUGCondemned$0.03$0.09Mil-Spec GradeAUG | TriquaAUGTriqua$0.02Consumer GradeAUG | ContractorAUGContractor$0.02Consumer GradeAUG | Snake PitAUGSnake Pit$0.02Consumer GradeAUG | StormAUGStorm$0.02Consumer GradeAUG | SweeperAUGSweeper$0.02Industrial GradeSouvenir AUG | Spalted WoodSouvenir AUGSpalted Wood$0.02Consumer GradeSouvenir AUG | SweeperSouvenir AUGSweeper

The AUG is the perfect weapon for players who want a deadly and versatile gun in Counter-Strike 2. With its immense firepower and impressive range, this rifle excels at long-range engagements, making it the ideal mid-to-long-range weapon. The AUG is also one of the most iconic weapons in the game, featuring a sleek and modern design that is instantly recognizable. Make sure to grab yourself one of these powerful rifles and dominate the battlefield in CS2 Gold.

You can find the best deals for AUG skins on CS2 Gold. There are total 47 skins for AUG from which to choose from. The cheapest skin for AUG is undefined at a discounted price of 410 USD. The most expensive skin is undefined which on sale for 410 USD.

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