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$67.62RestrictedNova | Baroque OrangeNovaBaroque Orange$51.90Industrial GradeSouvenir Nova | Candy AppleSouvenir NovaCandy Apple$18.00Mil-Spec GradeNova | Modern HunterNovaModern Hunter$14.00Mil-Spec GradeNova | Blaze OrangeNovaBlaze Orange$10.73Industrial GradeNova | Green AppleNovaGreen Apple$9.70$18.57ClassifiedNova | Hyper BeastNovaHyper Beast$8.16Consumer GradeSouvenir Nova | Sand DuneSouvenir NovaSand Dune$8.07$13.90ClassifiedNova | AntiqueNovaAntique$7.04$14.32RestrictedNova | GraphiteNovaGraphite$6.96Mil-Spec GradeNova | Quick SandNovaQuick Sand$6.37Mil-Spec GradeNova | InterlockNovaInterlock$4.81$5.39Mil-Spec GradeNova | TempestNovaTempest$4.27Industrial GradeSouvenir Nova | Green AppleSouvenir NovaGreen Apple$4.06RestrictedNova | Red QuartzNovaRed Quartz$3.77$7.86RestrictedNova | Rising SkullNovaRising Skull$3.59Consumer GradeNova | Moon in LibraNovaMoon in Libra$3.55$14.86ClassifiedNova | BloomstickNovaBloomstick$2.62Industrial GradeNova | Rust CoatNovaRust Coat$1.46$1.73RestrictedNova | Clear PolymerNovaClear Polymer$1.12Consumer GradeNova | Forest LeavesNovaForest Leaves$1.00Consumer GradeNova | WalnutNovaWalnut$0.96$3.32Mil-Spec GradeNova | Ghost CamoNovaGhost Camo$0.54$1.80RestrictedNova | KoiNovaKoi$0.49Mil-Spec GradeSouvenir Nova | InterlockSouvenir NovaInterlock$0.47$0.78RestrictedNova | Toy SoldierNovaToy Soldier$0.46Consumer GradeSouvenir Nova | WalnutSouvenir NovaWalnut$0.37Consumer GradeNova | Army SheenNovaArmy Sheen$0.32$1.01RestrictedNova | GilaNovaGila$0.28$0.45Mil-Spec GradeNova | PlumeNovaPlume$0.23Consumer GradeSouvenir Nova | Polar MeshSouvenir NovaPolar Mesh$0.18$0.30RestrictedNova | Wild SixNovaWild Six$0.13$0.15Mil-Spec GradeNova | RangerNovaRanger$0.11$0.16Mil-Spec GradeNova | ExoNovaExo$0.10Mil-Spec GradeSouvenir Nova | Quick SandSouvenir NovaQuick Sand$0.09$0.17Mil-Spec GradeNova | WindblownNovaWindblown$0.09Consumer GradeSouvenir Nova | PredatorSouvenir NovaPredator$0.07Industrial GradeNova | Caged SteelNovaCaged Steel$0.04$0.08Mil-Spec GradeNova | Wood FiredNovaWood Fired$0.03Industrial GradeNova | Candy AppleNovaCandy Apple$0.02Consumer GradeNova | MandrelNovaMandrel$0.02Consumer GradeNova | Polar MeshNovaPolar Mesh$0.02Consumer GradeNova | PredatorNovaPredator$0.02Consumer GradeNova | Sand DuneNovaSand Dune$0.02Consumer GradeSouvenir Nova | Army SheenSouvenir NovaArmy Sheen$0.02Consumer GradeSouvenir Nova | MandrelSouvenir NovaMandrelRestrictedNova | Sobek&#39s BiteNovaSobek&#39s Bite

Nova is a powerhouse shotgun that packs a serious punch in close quarters. With its distinctive red and white design, the Nova is instantly recognizable and feared by opponents. Its high damage output and tight spread make it an excellent choice for aggressive players who like to get up close and personal. Effortlessly take down enemies with the Nova and watch as they fall before you.

You can find the best deals for Nova skins on CS2 Gold. There are total 46 skins for Nova from which to choose from. The cheapest skin for Nova is undefined at a discounted price of 67.6234 USD. The most expensive skin is undefined which on sale for 67.6234 USD.

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