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$81.82Mil-Spec GradeSawed-Off | CopperSawed-OffCopper$34.10Mil-Spec GradeSouvenir Sawed-Off | Full StopSouvenir Sawed-OffFull Stop$32.56Mil-Spec GradeSawed-Off | First ClassSawed-OffFirst Class$10.76Industrial GradeSawed-Off | Rust CoatSawed-OffRust Coat$9.11$14.29RestrictedSawed-Off | Orange DDPATSawed-OffOrange DDPAT$3.29$12.11CovertSawed-Off | The KrakenSawed-OffThe Kraken$2.67Industrial GradeSawed-Off | MosaicoSawed-OffMosaico$2.52$6.09ClassifiedSawed-Off | DevourerSawed-OffDevourer$1.83Consumer GradeSawed-Off | Bamboo ShadowSawed-OffBamboo Shadow$1.67Consumer GradeSawed-Off | Jungle ThicketSawed-OffJungle Thicket$1.64Mil-Spec GradeSouvenir Sawed-Off | Amber FadeSouvenir Sawed-OffAmber Fade$1.40$3.60ClassifiedSawed-Off | Kiss♥LoveSawed-OffKiss♥Love$1.24$2.66ClassifiedSawed-Off | Wasteland PrincessSawed-OffWasteland Princess$1.05$2.00RestrictedSawed-Off | SerenitySawed-OffSerenity$0.85Consumer GradeSawed-Off | Irradiated AlertSawed-OffIrradiated Alert$0.70Industrial GradeSouvenir Sawed-Off | Rust CoatSouvenir Sawed-OffRust Coat$0.57Consumer GradeSawed-Off | ParchedSawed-OffParched$0.46Mil-Spec GradeSawed-Off | Brake LightSawed-OffBrake Light$0.45$1.27RestrictedSawed-Off | HighwaymanSawed-OffHighwayman$0.43Consumer GradeSawed-Off | Clay AmbushSawed-OffClay Ambush$0.35Mil-Spec GradeSouvenir Sawed-Off | Brake LightSouvenir Sawed-OffBrake Light$0.26$0.61RestrictedSawed-Off | LimelightSawed-OffLimelight$0.22Consumer GradeSouvenir Sawed-Off | Irradiated AlertSouvenir Sawed-OffIrradiated Alert$0.21Industrial GradeSouvenir Sawed-Off | Snake CamoSouvenir Sawed-OffSnake Camo$0.20$0.45RestrictedSawed-Off | ApocalyptoSawed-OffApocalypto$0.16Mil-Spec GradeSawed-Off | Amber FadeSawed-OffAmber Fade$0.14Mil-Spec GradeSawed-Off | Full StopSawed-OffFull Stop$0.14Consumer GradeSawed-Off | Sage SpraySawed-OffSage Spray$0.14$0.17Mil-Spec GradeSawed-Off | ZanderSawed-OffZander$0.06$0.15Mil-Spec GradeSawed-Off | OrigamiSawed-OffOrigami$0.04$0.06Mil-Spec GradeSawed-Off | FubarSawed-OffFubar$0.04$0.06Mil-Spec GradeSawed-Off | MorrisSawed-OffMorris$0.04$0.11Mil-Spec GradeSawed-Off | YorickSawed-OffYorick$0.03$0.07Mil-Spec GradeSawed-Off | Black SandSawed-OffBlack Sand$0.03Industrial GradeSawed-Off | Snake CamoSawed-OffSnake Camo$0.03$0.05Mil-Spec GradeSawed-Off | Spirit BoardSawed-OffSpirit Board$0.02Consumer GradeSawed-Off | Forest DDPATSawed-OffForest DDPAT$0.02Consumer GradeSouvenir Sawed-Off | ParchedSouvenir Sawed-OffParched$0.02Consumer GradeSouvenir Sawed-Off | Sage SpraySouvenir Sawed-OffSage Spray

The Sawed-Off is a shotgun that packs a serious punch. With its unique design and impressive firepower, this gun is the perfect option for close-quarter combat. Its double-barrel construction allows for quick and precise shots, making it a favorite among experienced players. Whether you're defending a bomb site or charging into battle, the Sawed-Off is a reliable choice for any shooter.

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