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$94.43Mil-Spec GradeTec-9 | TerraceTec-9Terrace$86.18RestrictedSouvenir Tec-9 | Nuclear ThreatSouvenir Tec-9Nuclear Threat$28.53RestrictedTec-9 | Nuclear ThreatTec-9Nuclear Threat$14.45Industrial GradeTec-9 | Rust LeafTec-9Rust Leaf$13.15Consumer GradeSouvenir Tec-9 | Army MeshSouvenir Tec-9Army Mesh$10.73ClassifiedSouvenir Tec-9 | Remote ControlSouvenir Tec-9Remote Control$8.92Industrial GradeTec-9 | HadesTec-9Hades$8.62RestrictedSouvenir Tec-9 | Red QuartzSouvenir Tec-9Red Quartz$7.65Mil-Spec GradeSouvenir Tec-9 | BrassSouvenir Tec-9Brass$6.53Consumer GradeSouvenir Tec-9 | GroundwaterSouvenir Tec-9Groundwater$6.29$16.99ClassifiedTec-9 | DecimatorTec-9Decimator$5.68Mil-Spec GradeSouvenir Tec-9 | ToxicSouvenir Tec-9Toxic$5.46Mil-Spec GradeTec-9 | Blast From the PastTec-9Blast From the Past$4.28$9.30RestrictedTec-9 | Titanium BitTec-9Titanium Bit$4.14Industrial GradeTec-9 | Orange MuranoTec-9Orange Murano$4.00$7.98Mil-Spec GradeTec-9 | Blue TitaniumTec-9Blue Titanium$3.64Mil-Spec GradeTec-9 | ToxicTec-9Toxic$2.46Consumer GradeTec-9 | Bamboo ForestTec-9Bamboo Forest$2.21$3.08Mil-Spec GradeTec-9 | Cut OutTec-9Cut Out$1.75$1.46Mil-Spec GradeTec-9 | IsaacTec-9Isaac$1.70Mil-Spec GradeTec-9 | BrassTec-9Brass$1.57Consumer GradeTec-9 | TornadoTec-9Tornado$1.48Industrial GradeSouvenir Tec-9 | VariCamoSouvenir Tec-9VariCamo$1.25$3.72ClassifiedTec-9 | Fuel InjectorTec-9Fuel Injector$0.92Mil-Spec GradeTec-9 | OssifiedTec-9Ossified$0.83Mil-Spec GradeTec-9 | Safety NetTec-9Safety Net$0.63ClassifiedTec-9 | Remote ControlTec-9Remote Control$0.57$1.68RestrictedTec-9 | AvalancheTec-9Avalanche$0.28Consumer GradeTec-9 | Phoenix ChalkTec-9Phoenix Chalk$0.27$0.34Mil-Spec GradeTec-9 | JambiyaTec-9Jambiya$0.25$0.57RestrictedTec-9 | Re-EntryTec-9Re-Entry$0.22$0.46RestrictedTec-9 | BamboozleTec-9Bamboozle$0.20Mil-Spec GradeSouvenir Tec-9 | Blast From the PastSouvenir Tec-9Blast From the Past$0.17$0.35RestrictedTec-9 | BrotherTec-9Brother$0.16$0.39Mil-Spec GradeTec-9 | SandstormTec-9Sandstorm$0.08$0.19Mil-Spec GradeTec-9 | Ice CapTec-9Ice Cap$0.08$0.16Mil-Spec GradeTec-9 | Snek-9Tec-9Snek-9$0.07$0.13Mil-Spec GradeTec-9 | Flash OutTec-9Flash Out$0.04$0.07Mil-Spec GradeTec-9 | Cracked OpalTec-9Cracked Opal$0.04$0.07Mil-Spec GradeTec-9 | FubarTec-9Fubar$0.04RestrictedTec-9 | Red QuartzTec-9Red Quartz$0.03$0.07Mil-Spec GradeTec-9 | RebelTec-9Rebel$0.03Industrial GradeTec-9 | VariCamoTec-9VariCamo$0.02Consumer GradeTec-9 | Army MeshTec-9Army Mesh$0.02Consumer GradeTec-9 | GroundwaterTec-9Groundwater$0.02Consumer GradeTec-9 | Urban DDPATTec-9Urban DDPATMil-Spec GradeTec-9 | Mummy&#39s RotTec-9Mummy&#39s Rot

Looking for an incredible weapon that can help you dominate your opponents on the Counter-Strike battlefield? Look no further than the Tec-9, a powerful and reliable gun with amazing accuracy and precision. With its high firing rate and compact design, the Tec-9 is perfect for both long-range engagements and up-close battles. So why wait? Get your hands on the Tec-9 today and start tearing up the competition like a pro!

You can find the best deals for Tec-9 skins on CS2 Gold. There are total 47 skins for Tec-9 from which to choose from. The cheapest skin for Tec-9 is undefined at a discounted price of 94.43 USD. The most expensive skin is undefined which on sale for 94.43 USD.

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